Thursday, April 3, 2014

Research Part 3: Finding Literature

I got more than 30 literature already! Some of them touches a bit on emotion, some a bit on ESL, some a bit on narrative composition. I used keywords such as "emotion in esl", "emotion in narrative", "esl narrative", "emotion in english", "emotion in language", and "labov" (the name of the person who studied emotions in language in depth, besides Dewaele and Pavlenko). I have yet to try searching with the keyword "affect".

The main problem I have with this topic is that emotions are more related to motivation in learning ESL (you remember the affective domain proposed by Bloom?) I want  to focus on emotions IN language usage, which is more on pragmatics and sociolinguistics. However, I'm relieved to know that a number of people are also having the same concern as I am. We are quite interested in the potential of affect in teaching English as a second language.

Another problem is, and I think this will never end until the end of time, is the amount of restricted journal articles and dissertations all over the Net. Gaaaaah why won't you share your insight for free? Hm I guess if you are good at something, might as well ask people to pay for it. 

Nevertheless, you can click here to browse the literature that I've found. :)

To think like a scholar, we have to look like a scholar. Hm, I should grow a beard.

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