Friday, April 25, 2014

Chapter 2: Literature Map

I drew this today. To be honest, I suck at framing and organizing things, so my literature map is  just a bunch of connected ideas with no beginning or end. (u.u)

Please click to enlarge.

By the way, my literature review will basically follow this frame: I will first relate emotions to language learning, then refine it to the teaching of narratives. In terms of teaching narratives, emotion-based instruction will lead to emotional expressiveness and motivation to learn.

Nonetheless, I will also put the relationship of gender with emotion expressiveness and if this plays an important role in emotion-based language instruction.

In terms of literature, I've searched for various articles under three subheadings:
1) Emotion and Gender
2) Emotion in Narratives
3) Emotion/Expressive Writing and Motivation

I've also searched for the practices and approaches of ESL in Malaysia. This is to address what is lacking in our curriculum and how emotion-based language instruction can cater to this.

Now, the most difficult part of my Chapter 2 is (actually, it's everything, but let's not get too negative haha) establishing a theoretical framework. I need to read more theories on emotion and see which one fits my study.

I will upload the journals I've found according to each subheading in the next entry.

Godspeed. :D

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