Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Constructing Chapter 1

Today marks the third day of our mid-term break. I've been slaving off doing my Chapter 1 and it has increased my appetite by a manifold. T.T

On a more positive note, I am almost done writing my background of study. However, I can't help seeing it as a mini Literature Review. Is it really supposed to be that way? I have also searched for more journal articles, because apparently, 30++ references are still not enough to get my message across. There is a lot more reading to be done on my thesis topic, but I can't say that I am not having fun. I've broaden my choice of articles to not only ESL, but sociolinguistics, psychology, cognition, mental health etc. I think these journals would prove useful for my Chapter 2 later.

Also, what is left to be done for my Chapter 1 are more citations for my introduction, my limitations of study, the operational definition of emotion, and the conclusion to the chapter. As for my limitations, I can only think of one for now. Gahhh.

I know it still sounds like a lot of work, but I'll catch up. By the way, I've compiled all the new articles that I have found HERE. :)

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