Sunday, March 30, 2014

Research Part 2: Problem Statement

I am currently in the process of writing my problem statement. Although my concern was well-justified based on the journals I found, I am still having trouble finding a context for my problem.

Although I've gotten a general idea that my research should be around secondary schools, but the context could be anyone - either the students, the students exposed to Literature, the teachers... I can do a comparative study between teachers who learn Literature during their university years and teachers who haven't, but I guess I have to ask Dr. Aziah about this.

My general aim is to investigate the trend of emotive language (or lack of it) in ESL secondary classroom. However, I'm still thinking of refining it. Based on my previous post, I think I've already had some RQs in mind.

That aside, you can see some journal articles corroborating my problem statement HERE. I'll post my problem statement in i-Learn later (and I might also put it in my blog if you would like to see my progress).

It's like an eternal struggle, but I'll cope.

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