Saturday, March 29, 2014

Research Part 1: Topic Materialization (iii)

After giving it much thought, I've decided to broaden my topic a little bit. Initially, I'm interested in looking into the effects of framing and how it can help in teaching persuasive speech/essay. However, Dr. Aziah always asks HOW are we going to collect data. I found this question exceptionally difficult if I were to pick on this topic.

So, I think I will focus on language and emotions, and students/teacher's perception regarding this. I don't think we were taught how to relate language and our emotions throughout our 12 years of schooling. To be honest, I can only think about this topic after taking TESL and being exposed to a lot of Literature.

Why is emotive language important, you ask?

Thus, several questions can be asked here, i.e. How come students do not see this relation between language and emotion despite being exposed to Literature in secondary school? How effective is the knowledge of this relationship to students' linguistic ability? Is teaching English and relating it to emotions important at all?

Well, I think I'm on to something now. :)

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