Monday, June 23, 2014

Chapter 3 (FINAL)

I found a questionnaire that is suitable for my research. However, I still don't know whether to adopt it wholly or adapt it.

The questionnaire also combines emotions, personal essay, and writing motivation -- what I aim for in my research. :)

For a glimpse of the questionnaire, click here.

After revisiting my research questions with Dr., I realized that I cannot do a quantitative research because the essays need document analysis to identify its emotional expressiveness. Thus, I've changed my research method to a mixed method approach. :D


Chapter 3 is the shortest chapter in the research proposal. However, I have to ensure it is suitable, reliable, and valid to conduct my research.

For a full reading of my Chapter 3, you can click here.

We're coming to an end of my research proposal! I'm so happy :'D

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