Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chapter 2 Development

Sorry for not stopping by for quite a while. To be honest, this is the toughest chapter among the three because there are so many subtopics to choose from and organize.

However, I've decided to divide my literature review into three subtopics, then have two other subtopics for each. I'll put the link here so you can see if I'm on the right track. :)

I've encountered (and still encountering) some problems regarding this chapter. Firstly, I don't really know the difference between the review and past researchers - they keep overlapping each other. T.T Secondly, I still haven't found any theory or hypothesis good enough to be my theoretical framework. Finally, it's tough work trying to redirect the articles I've read to my research questions. For my second subtopic, Emotion in Narratives, I don't know if I should put the benefits of emotional narrative on health as its subtopic. I guess not, but many of the articles I've found support this. I'll put it under KIV then. :p

Will keep trying, though. Chapter 2 coming your way :)

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